Work it Out Career Clinic entered its fourth year offering Career and CV services to people of Ranui and beyond this year. After being funded by the Tindall Foundation for 3 years we are delighted to have Sky City as our  funder.

The Career Clinic is pleased to be working alongside Rob Luisi, Work Broker with a focus on Youth Employment. Together we are looking at ways to assist people to showcase their employment skills and also get further training. Training leads to better paid and more stable employment. These are challenging times for us too as we try to make sense of an employment scene which is so based on the internet, rather than who you know and face to face contact.

Ranui is developing a community based Education, Training and Employment Group to assist Youth in particular find their way toward employment. Sometimes it is by taking small steps, like raising a Driver’s License from Learners to Restricted that opens more doors.

People make use of free local courses to gain more skills, such as basic computing, certificated training through their workplaces and use the Careers NZ website (

The Clinic is staffed by Rosemary Barrett, Career Counsellor, Member New Zealand Association of Counsellors. Open on Tuesdays from 10 am – 1 pm, each person is given an initial half hour appointment. Booking in secures you an appointment time, ‘drop ins’ can be seen so contact RAP office here on 09 8326048 or pop in and make a booking.

Please see the Poster below for more information.

Create your CV using our FREE CV template. Click here to download in MS Word format.

Looking for jobs? Here are a couple of job search sites you can try-

Careers NZ


Trademe Jobs