Connecting Communities And Education Ranui

A partnership between JR Mckenzie and Ranui Action Project

Ranui Action Project (RAP) are proud to partner with JR McKenzie philanthropic trust to bring the Connecting Education and Communities (CEC) Project to the Ranui Community.

With a focus on women as influencers and leaders in our local community the project has been running since 2016.

The purpose of the CEC project is to work with women to empower families so that they face the future with confidence and strength and pride in their identity.

Five local women who lead firstly themselves, then their whānau and also in their communities work with a team to realise their full potential. The team includes an Indigenous Personal and executive Coach, a storyteller and writer, a creative director, specialist tutors, social worker and cooking tutor (who work with the children).

A successful exhibition was held at the J.T Diamond Gallery Waiatkere Central Library which shared each of the women stories including the successes and challenges that they face.

Each of the women take a customised approach to developing their skills and knowledge, cultural identity, relationship and connectedness and contribution to clarify and plan to acheive goals that are good for them, good for others and good for the greater good.

We believe that by working with local women leaders the supportive networks become stronger and creative ideas and solutions are actioned to enhance the health and wellbeing of local Ranui people.

The JR McKenzie purpose is to “reduce disadvantage leading to a more just and equitable society” RAP  whakatauki “Me puāwai tātou katoa, i roto i te kotahitanga o Rānui”- “In Ranui we act progressively and in unity”.

Take a look at the video of Whaea Michelle that featured in the Women of Hope Exhibition September 2018.

Whaea Michelle Taane - Women of Hope

Whaea Michelle Taane – Women of Hope