The Ranui Action Project (RAP) is a community development project which brings Ranui people together with those from supportive groups in Tamaki Makaurau and beyond to celebrate and extend the well-being and creativity of the Ranui Community.

We are based in Ranui House,in the heart of Ranui,  at 476 Swanson Road, directly across Ranui Station Road from the Ranui Community Centre.

We host a range of services here for the benefit of Ranui people:  

RAP Community Engagement Manager – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  – By appointment

Ranui Kaitakawaenga  (Community Broker) – By appointment

Ranui House Administrator – Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm

Labtests – Monday to Friday 8am to 2pm

Learners Licence Course (Free) – Monday and Thursday 12pm – 2:30pm by appointment

Work it Out Career Clinic (Free) – Tuesday 10am to 1pm by appointment

Legal Advice (Free) – Wednesday 10.30am  – 12.30pm – Drop in

Community Constable – Monday, Thursday, Friday – 11-12pm on availability. Appointment only

Ranui 135 Youth Worker – Monday to Friday by appointment

Book A Space

Do you need a meeting or interview space at very affordable rates?  Please contact our coordinator  at (09) 832 6048 or housecoord@ranui.org.nz